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Fruit tea blend flavoured baked apple note

This cranberry already starts being merry in the fall, beginning to quietly ring the festive bell. Not too much, but just a little dash of eggnog, in combination with autumnal, fruity-tangy flavours. Bright red cranberry slices, cinnamon rods and star aniseed sweeten the darker getting evenings. Why not already chance a hidden kiss underneath the mistletoe? Ingredients: cranberry slices (cranberries, sugar), apple cubes, mistletoe, star aniseed, cinnamon rods, flavouring, blackberry leaves, freeze-dried cranberry slices, safflower. 

Ingredients: cranberry slices (cranberries, sugar, vegetable oil), apple cubes, Mistletoe, star aniseed, cinnamon rods, flavouring, blackberry leaves, safflower, freeze-dried cranberry slices.
Important notice: always brew with boiling water and let infuse for at least 5-10 minutes! This way, you will receive a safe food!

Price: 4.20лв.
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