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Green Tea with jasmine flower parts and osmanthus flowers

The sweet, peachy scent of the Osmanthus flower gives this speciality its typical and unmistakable character. Green tea, jasmine flower parts, osmanthus flowers

Price: 7.70лв.
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Chrismas Sencha tea Cinnamon

Flavoured Green Tea blend

A really lavishly decorated and delicious blend. Lovely Sencha forms the basis, which is complimented by high quality ingredients like sliced almonds, vanilla and cinnamon pieces. The excellent fine cinnamon flavor adds the finishing, magical touch to this delicious blend. This perfect green tea completes our range of teas for special occasions.

Ingredients: green tea, cinnamon pieces, flavoring, sliced almonds, apple pieces, vanilla cuts

Price: 5.50лв.
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Fruit tea bl.,flav Fruit Angel (Almond/Orange)

Large, white snowflakes are slowly falling to the ground in front of your window and an ice-cold winter wind rustles through the trees. The perfect time for brewing a cup of this well-thought-through festivity blend which will bring a warm touch of harmony into your home. The fresh scent of juicy orange in combination with a chocolate-marzipan flavour is underlined by a fine optic of orange slices and cinnamon rods. Pull up your blanket and make yourself comfortable in front of the fireplace, close your eyes and enjoy a cup of this festive creation. Ingredients: apple pieces, cocoa peel, planed almonds, orange slices, cinnamon rods, flavouring, pink peppercorns, safflower. 

ingredients: apple pieces, broken cocoa bits, sliced almonds, orange slices, cinnamon rods, flavouring, pink peppercorns, safflower, Important notice: always brew with boiling water and let infuse for at least 5-10 minutes! This way, you will receive a safe food!

Price: 5.10лв.
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