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Black Tea blend

This blend is a treasure for connoisseurs, produced according to a traditional recipe.


Black Tea Cream-Croquant

Flavoured Black Tea blend

Black tea, brittle pieces (sugar, hazelnut, invert sugar), Flavouring


Black Tea Valentina

Blueberry Flavoured Blend of Black Tea and Sugar Hearts

Black tea (83%), sugar hearts (sugar, rice flour, fully hydrogenated colza oil, thickening agent tragacanth, food colourings E120, E160a, flavouring) (15%), flavouring


Brazilian green mate tea Sweet Orange

The popular fresh taste of fruity, sweet oranges goes well with the moderately strong spicy, slightly smokey Mate tea. The strikingly decorated, delicious specialty is a high-grade offer to the rising demand for Mate tea. The well-balanced addition of pleasant liquorice gives the necessary sweet taste to this fresh and slightly tangy blend.

Ingredients: green and roasted Mate tea, liquorice, orange blossoms, orange peel, flavoring.



This particularly fine Yunnan black tea is long golden tips by hand tied in small pagodas.

The cup is bright golden brown and the aroma sweet and soft earthy-berry with a subtle touch.

A full-bodied yet mild tea without bitterness, which is often served on special occasions. In a small

Glass jug prepared also pleases the eye on the development. The unit weight is about 1.5 g


China Special Green Tea  Mu Dan Tea Rose 1pcs.

Green Tea

This leaf tea comes from the south of Anhui, a region located in the northern part of China. Only the bud and the finest leaves are processed for this specialty. "Mu Dan" means "peony", a flower which in China stands for wealth and success. Not least because of this, Mu Dan is very popular in China and is also called the "Queen of Flowers". Freshly plucked leaf tips are made up to a rosette by hand, pressed flat and dried. After the brewing it unfolds to a grass green tea rose and gives us pleasure with its fine-fresh note and its very sweet taste also after multiple brewing.

 1-3 Minuten  75° - 80° C  2 St /1 Liter 

East Frisian Leaf Blend

Black Tea blend

You will be pleased by this classical blend with its golden tips and full, strong flavour


Fruit tea blend flavoured baked apple note

This cranberry already starts being merry in the fall, beginning to quietly ring the festive bell. Not too much, but just a little dash of eggnog, in combination with autumnal, fruity-tangy flavours. Bright red cranberry slices, cinnamon rods and star aniseed sweeten the darker getting evenings. Why not already chance a hidden kiss underneath the mistletoe? Ingredients: cranberry slices (cranberries, sugar), apple cubes, mistletoe, star aniseed, cinnamon rods, flavouring, blackberry leaves, freeze-dried cranberry slices, safflower. 

Ingredients: cranberry slices (cranberries, sugar, vegetable oil), apple cubes, Mistletoe, star aniseed, cinnamon rods, flavouring, blackberry leaves, safflower, freeze-dried cranberry slices.
Important notice: always brew with boiling water and let infuse for at least 5-10 minutes! This way, you will receive a safe food!


Ginger cut

The ginger is one of the most widely known herbs and spices. Its roots yield the unique, highly aromatic, sweetly spicy flavour. Ginger has been valued and used by various cultures for centuries. We can also no longer imagine life without it in our hemisphere. The root of the ginger, the so-called Rhizome, which grows horizontally, entwined in the soil, is harvested. Enjoy our high quality ginger pure, with honey or as a flavour-giving ingredient to one of our tea creations. A must-have!


Green Tea Redfruit organic

Redfruit Flavoured Green Tea
China Jade Wings green tea*, natural flavourings, strawberry pieces*, raspberry pieces* (* Ingredients from organic production)
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