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China PU ERH

Black Tea Pu Erh

This tea is fermented in a special way and has a typical, earthy and slightly sweet flavour. It is also called "red tea" due to its red infusion.

Price: 5.80лв.
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Black Tea Lapsang Souchong

A special tea that contains not the typical "two leaves and a bud" but instead the bigger and stronger leaves from the lower parts of the tea plant. Roasting over exotic woods gives it its typical smoky flavour.

Price: 5.30лв.
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East Frisian Leaf Blend

Black Tea blend

You will be pleased by this classical blend with its golden tips and full, strong flavour

Price: 2.95лв.
List Price: 3.93лв.
Discount: 0.98лв. (25.00%)
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English Breakfast

Black Tea blend

With its strong and full flavour this aromatic breakfast tea has a stimulating effect.

Price: 3.50лв.
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Turkish tea

Black Tea

This dark and elegant tea will win you over with its full flavour and agreeable fragrance.

Price: 4.40лв.
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