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This is an unusual tea from China. Flavouring is added to the fresh tea leaves at origin. A sweetish flavour reminiscent of milk.
Oolong tea, flavouring (contains milk products)
Price: 13.30лв.
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China LUNG CHING (LONGJING) Second Grade

Green Tea

This classic is also called "dragon well tea". It is mellow with a delicate flavour and a jade-green infusion.

Price: 15.70лв.
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Green Tea

A tea with a jade-green infusion that is also called "angel´s hair" due to its thin, fine and wiry leaf.

Price: 11.00лв.
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This particularly fine Yunnan black tea is long golden tips by hand tied in small pagodas.

The cup is bright golden brown and the aroma sweet and soft earthy-berry with a subtle touch.

A full-bodied yet mild tea without bitterness, which is often served on special occasions. In a small

Glass jug prepared also pleases the eye on the development. The unit weight is about 1.5 g

Price: 14.00лв.
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China PU ERH

Black Tea Pu Erh

This tea is fermented in a special way and has a typical, earthy and slightly sweet flavour. It is also called "red tea" due to its red infusion.

Price: 5.80лв.
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China Special Green Tea Green Mini TUO CHA

Green Tea

It is an old tradition in China to press tea into bricks or nests for better storage life. This green tea from the Yunnan region has a soft body and a subtly smoky note. Infuse one tea nest with about 500 ml of water that is not boiling hot anymore and let brew for about 2 min.
This tea can be infused several times.
Weight per unit about 4 g.

Price: 8.40лв.
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China Special Green Tea  Mu Dan Tea Rose 1pcs.

Green Tea

This leaf tea comes from the south of Anhui, a region located in the northern part of China. Only the bud and the finest leaves are processed for this specialty. "Mu Dan" means "peony", a flower which in China stands for wealth and success. Not least because of this, Mu Dan is very popular in China and is also called the "Queen of Flowers". Freshly plucked leaf tips are made up to a rosette by hand, pressed flat and dried. After the brewing it unfolds to a grass green tea rose and gives us pleasure with its fine-fresh note and its very sweet taste also after multiple brewing.

 1-3 Minuten  75° - 80° C  2 St /1 Liter 
Price: 5.30лв.


From the region of Huangshan ("Yellow Mountain") in Chinese Anhui province comes this yellow tee with a large, wiry leaf.

Made to a traditional Chinese method, He has a very special flavor with a natural sweetness and a slightly nutty, brotigen note.

Price: 12.30лв.
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Crazy matcha strawberry- vanilla

Flavoured Green Tea

This pulverized green tea is a Japanese classic and is still prepared in a special way in the traditional tea ceremonies. 

One tin contains 30g of this finely ground tencha tea and flavouring.

Price: 35.40лв.

Japan MATCHA organic

Green Tea

This pulverized green tea is a Japanese classic and is still prepared in a special way in the traditional tea ceremonies. One tin contains 30g of this finely ground tencha tea. Sold in units of 1 tin.

Price: 53.10лв.
List Price: 70.80лв.
Discount: 17.70лв. (25.00%)
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