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Black tea


For tea lovers this region is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The teas

of this region are of the very best quality and have a light, fresh and flowery flavour

during the first flush period and a strong, full and very aromatic flavour during the

second flush period. 


Darjeeling / India (5)

The Assam plateau is located in northern India, on both sides of the Brahmaputra

river and is the biggest connected tea-growing region in theworld.About 2000 gardens

produce a very aromatic, strong and malty tea. Along with the well-known

second flush teas the plantations also produce first flush teas and green Assamteas.

The colour of the cup is golden-brownish or copper red. 

Assam / India (3)

Many Ceylon teas come fromsuch traditional growing regions as Dimbula,Uva and

Nuwara Eliya. Dimbula is situated in the western highlands. Its teas have a delicate

and flowery flavour. The best qualities are picked between January and March. Uva

is also in the highlands and its teas offer a strong and full-bodied flavour. The best

qualities are picked between July and September. Nuwara Eliya is considered the

heartland of the very best and finest tea qualities. It is located between Dimbula

and Uva and premium teas are picked throughout the year. 

Ceylon (Sri Lanka) (4)

In the vast areas of China, plantations are situated far apart. This makes for very

different types of black teas which vary strongly in flavour: from mild and light to

sweet and aromatic,or strong and earthy.They often have a slightly "smoky" flavour. 

China (2)


Flavoured Black Tea (16)

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Darjeeling Second Flush FTGFOP1 House Blend

Black Tea

This second flush blend of teas from carefully selected plantations is strong and aromatic.


East Frisian Leaf Blend

Black Tea blend

You will be pleased by this classical blend with its golden tips and full, strong flavour


English Breakfast

Black Tea blend

With its strong and full flavour this aromatic breakfast tea has a stimulating effect.



Black Tea

This is an orthodox tea from the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro with white tips, a typical strong and aromatic flavour and a copper red cup.

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Discounts info
List Price:5.50лв.
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Nepal TGFOP SHANGRI-LA organic (old "KATMANDU")

Black Tea

This strong tea has the slightly sweet flavour typical for Nepal. Perfect for the afternoon.


Nilgiri TGFOP1 THIASHOLA Organic

Black Tea

This premium organic tea from the Nilgiri highlands in Southern India has an agreeably light and yet surprisingly aromatic flavour.


Russian Blend

Black Tea blend

This blend has been produced following an old recipe. It has a slightly smoky fragrance and is perfect for the samovar.


Turkish tea

Black Tea

This dark and elegant tea will win you over with its full flavour and agreeable fragrance.

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