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Loyal Client

Unforgettable flavours, exceptional quality and reasonable prices are our trade mark and the main reason for many to become our regular clients. Teateam-Bulgaria now recognizes this fact with the launching of our ‘Loyal Client’ Programme on 12th September 2012. It will allow users at to earn bonus points in several ways: by purchasing, reviewing, voting for a product or by bringing a friend along. The bonus points will be at your disposal at any time; you can use them to get a discount; you can collect them and choose from a selection of products available only for bonus points purchase in our online shop. Please keep in mind that the price of delivery is not included in the discount.


Further details:


To earn bonus points, please log in with your username with the ‘Login’ button.

Bonus points:

50 pts. for bringing a friend along;

30 pts. for each 10 leva you spend;

10 pts. per purchase;

5 pts. for a vote;

5 pts. for a review.


One bonus point has the value of 1 leva cent (stotinka).

You get points from an order as soon as its delivery is complete.

You can check your bonus points from your personal profile at The points you collect will be confirmed once weekly.


Our team will confirm initial points for our customers based on their purchases in the past (3 points per order before 14th June 2012). Distributors cannot collect bonus points. Choose a product, put it in your basket and the value of your bonus points will be subtracted from the product cost. You can choose whether to use them when you reach the payment step of your online order by leaving the ‘bonus point subtraction’ field checked. Please keep in mind that bonus points can be collected for the purchase of points-only products.

In this case uncheck the bonus points subtraction field; to switch it back on in order to use a discount log in, go to the payment step, check the corresponding box, and go back; you don’t need to complete an order to activate the subtraction option.


When you bring a friend along, you will receive points only after your friend accepts the invitation and orders the suggested product; this needs to be done within 30 days from the invitation.