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We offer 200 kinds of high quality certified bulk teas from which everyone can find their favorite taste, together with a variety of accessories from proved suppliers. The fact that we import our products directly from the capital of the tea Hamburg, Germany, allows us to offer you reasonable prices.

We are  partners with one of the leading tea trade houses  in Europe,situated in Hamburg.The tea house is established as a family business and became world famous thanks to its more than 125 years of experience in tea trading. The company imports tea from more than 130 countries in the world, develops modern installations for tea production, produces a big variety of teas for the growing and altering market and - of course - offers an excellent service to its customers. With its wide range of service the company establishes world standards in the tea market.


As a leading tea trade house with traditions in this business, our partner knows how the markets work; they cover all the high requirements to the products and their quality. Except the unique range of products and the experience of their specialists our partner offers the whole spectrum of certified services too – from the raw materials to the final products. Its innovative practices have become a world standard in the tea industry.

The company not only offers best quality  products, it is also known as one of the most innovative on the tea market. It does not follow tendencies but creates them. Creation of new products is a basic rule for the companies that are looking towards the future.

The confidence is a fundamental achievement.Every day the company tea experts control the sustainable quality of our products by a complex of tests. The thorough control and the regular audits guarantee that the customer gets a product of the highest quality.

To ensure a sustainable high quality standard of the tea the company controls the quality of the raw materials, the manufacturing and the supply processes. This supervision  is certified, reliable and clear for the customers.


Quality is controlled on each level. Every day millions of people rely on the healthy effect of our green and black teas. In order to ensure a true pleasure from the tea, the German tea industry has a consistent quality control. Sensors, and optical and analytic control is carried out in the countries of production, as well as in Germany.

Our supplier of tea is certified by the Eco-control agency (DE-Eco-003) in accordance with the legal regulations of Germany; it is the subject of regular control. Teas labeled eco-grown (BIO)* include:

black and green tea, fruit and herbal tea, different kind of flavored and decaffeinated tea.

The company proudly offers a variety of Kosher approved teas, i.e. teas that are produced according to the Jewish religious canon and can be consumed by Jews.


Now, thanks to our supplier’s extensive experience,

we would like to bring the world of tea close to you,our clients.

TeaTeam Bulgaria Ltd.


10, Vitoshko lale Str., 1444 Bistritsa/Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel: (00 359) 2 442 00 73 , Fax: (00 359) 882 12 38 93


VAT.: BG201316238 .

Manager: Maria Iankova

Registration nr.221433031/11.12.2010,

According toart.12, paragraph 7 of Food Law


(Bio)*Products that are produced by controlled ecological cultivation.

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