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Assam SEWPUR FTGFOP1 Green Tea, organic

Green Tea

This unfermented green Assam is processed after a traditional method for producing green tea. It is strong and full of flavour.

List Price:10.50лв.
discounts info
Discounts info
List Price:10.50лв.
Discount:2.10лв. (20.00%)

Black Tea Earl Grey organic

Bergamot Flavoured Black Tea

Black tea from organic production (99%), flavouring

China CHUN MEE organic

Green Tea

This organic tea has long, fine, jade-green leaves that produce a light yellow cup.


China GUNPOWDER organic

Green Tea   

This organic tea is characterized by its slightly tangy and refreshing flavour. It has a rolled leaf and is produced in the Wuyan area in the Jiangxi province.


China SENCHA k.b.A. organic

Green Tea

An organic Sencha from the southeastern Chinese province of Zhejiang. It is characterized by a pressed leaf and a pleasantly grassy note with a yellow-green cup.


Chocolate-Mint organic

Non-Flavoured Cocoa Husks and Peppermint Blend

Ingredients: cocoa husks (50%) *, peppermint (50%) * (* Ingredients from organic production)


Darjeeling First Flush SFTGFOP1 PUTTABONG organic

Black Tea

Aromatic, flowery and light in the cup – these are the main characteristics of this fresh first flush tea.


Fruit melange for children organic tea

Non-Flavoured Fruit Infusion

Natural fruit mélange. A sweet and fruity combination – a pur “fruit experience”. Certified organic.

Ingredients: apple*, hibiscus petals*, rosehip peel*, sultanas* (sultanas*, sunflower oil*), strawberry pieces*, raspberries* (* ingredients from organic production)


Ginger-Lemon-Mix Bio

Non-Flavoured Herbal Blend

Ingredients: ginger pieces*, lemongrass*, lemon peel*, liquorice root*, spearmint* (* Ingredients from organic production) Contains liquorice – people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption of this product.


Green Tea Apple organic

Flavoured Blend of Green Tea and Apple
China Chun Mee green tea (80%), apple pieces (17.5%), flavouring
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